Members of the 88th Precinct, each precinct is subjet to having the older uniforms or the new one (notice the Sergeant in the center of the front row.)

481 001

Uniforms of the Austrian Imperial Police. (the two in the middle is the dress uniform with the sword)

The Austrian Police Force is the governmental agency responsible for law enforcement in the country of Austria. The Austrian Police Force is split into divisions and have there own Bureau and precints. Each Bureau has a Chief that oversees it and each precint has a Captain that oversees it and reports to the Chief. The Chief reports to the Police Commissioner who is the highest ranking officer in the force.

Ranks of the Austrian Police ForceEdit

Police Commissioner/President  [1]

First Deputy Commissioner[2]

(First Deputy Commissioner has the same rank sign as Chief of Police as it is a Non-uniform official.)

Chief of Police [3]

Three Star Chief [4]

Two Star Chief[5]

One Star Chief [6]

Inspector [7]

Deputy Inspector [8]

Captain [9]

Lieutenant [10]

The Ranks above are worn on the officers collar. Lower ranking officer wear it on there sleeve.

Sergeant [11] (worn on sleeve)Until 1884 Sergeants had a more British Style rank sign, it was changed by Police Commissioner Thomas VanHauser.  Below Sergeant, officers do not have a rank sign. Fallen Officers

Type number
1884 Shootout 31
Accidental 10
Shipping accident 7
Animal related 17
Asphyxiation 2
Assault 31
Automobile accident 51
Bicycle accident 4
Boating accident 5
Bomb 2
Drowned 12
Duty related illness 10
Unknown 5
Explosion 8
Exposure 1
Fall 12
Fire 14
Gunfire 323
Gunfire (accidental) 24
Heart attack 44
Motorcycle accident 36
Stabbed 24
Struck by streetcar 7
Struck by train 5
Struck by vehicle 37
Structure collapse 3
Terrorist attack 23
Foot pursuit 12
Vehicular assault 20
Total 863