Adelsberg AG is headquarted in Prague, Austria, and is the biggest coal mining company in Austria, producing up to 1730 tons of coal annually. It is also ranked the biggest steel manufactring Austrian company. Edit

Personal HistoryEdit

Dietrich Bernhard Alfred Adelsberg was born only son of Hans and Emma Adelsberg, on the 27th of June in 1836 in Prague, the capital city of Bohemia. Through much of his childhood, he was only called by his second name; Bernhard, by both his friends and family. This was also because he was not too fond of his first name. After finishing college, and serving in the Austrian army for 4 years, he could finally return home, to take over his father's business.

Adelsberg AG HistoryEdit

Adelsberg AG was founded and established in 1873, by Dietrich Bernhard Alfred Adelsberg. Bernhard, the son of a wealthy and successful Austrian (Bohemian) banker, invested his inheritage into the mining industry, after his father passed away, spending every last penny of his great grandfather's bank on the purchasement of the mining industry in Bohemia. This, however, gave him a monopoly over the mining industry in Bohemia, making him the biggest mining company owner of Austria, along with one of the biggest Austrian bankers nationally. In total, 7/10th of the total mining industry located in Bohemia was purchased by him, making Adelsberg AG one of the biggest Austrian mining companies already in 1875.

After earning much of his fortune back, he again decided to expand his great grandfather's empire. But this time through industrial changes. His position in the mining industry, made it easy for him to use the self-mined coal and other metals, and turn it into iron. He invested 3 quarters of his newly-earned fortune over the past decade into the construction of iron factories in Bohemia, but also Moravia and Silesia, meant to employ around 200,000 men, women and children all over the great nation of Austria. 

Adelsberg AG in the presentEdit

Bernhard, always looking to expand his great grandfather's empire, has paid several young entrepeneurs to explore all of Austria, and assist him in the Adelsberg Dream. The Adelsberg Dream is to become the biggest company in both Austria, and in the future, also abroad in other countries, like Germany and France. As well as provide the people of the earth with jobs and a stable income. However, little money is left after his latest investments, which will halt any further investments for at least the upcoming 5 years, Adelsberg economists stated.